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If you are new to crypto and NFTs and you need help setting up a wallet or using the marketplace you can view the links below for tutorials and more information. If you need further help or have further questions feel free to message us by using the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of this screen or by email or twitter. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page

If you are already familiar with purchasing NFTs you can head right to the marketplace now and start collecting!

How to Setup a Crypto Wallet and Fund your Account

This is a simple tutorial for creating your own WAX wallet and acquiring the cryptocurrency you will need to start purchasing NFTs.

How to use the Atomichub Marketplace To Purchase Cannabis Critters and Other NFTs

Quick step-by-step tutorial for using the atomichub marketplace to purchase cannabis critters and trade/sell them via the marketplace.

How To Burn Your Cannabis Critters And Claim Your Real Life Cannabis

A easy guide showing how to burn your cannabis critters and claim the assets they represent.

If you need help using the Weedcash Network or want to learn more click the button below

Weedcash Network Tutorials
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