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How To Bridge Crypto From Binance Smart Chain To Wax

(This is for bridging cryptocurrency from Binance Smart Chain to the WAX blockchain not for bridging NFTs)

A easy way to bridge your crypto from BSC to WAX is to use AlienWorlds Teleport function. To do this you must have a Metamask wallet and a Wax Cloud wallet 

First head over to Pancakeswap and swap any token for TLM (Alienworlds native token)

bridge ss2.png

After you have some TLM go to and connect both your Metamask wallet and your Wax Cloud wallet one at a time

Alienworlds teleport ss1.png

After connecting both of your wallets you will see your TLM balance on the right side of the swap with a "Transfer" button below it. Click the transfer button and type the amount of TLM you wish to bridge and approve the transaction


Usually it only takes a few seconds for your assets to appear on the wax blockchain but sometimes it can take a few minutes

Next head over to and select TLM on the top row and select WAX on the bottom row


Swap all your TLM for WAX and thats it! You now have some WAX and you have successfully transferred your assets from BSC to WAX

Now you can head to the marketplace and purchase your first Cannabis Critter!

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