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Living Roadmap

just CRITTERS.png

Phase 1 website created

Version 1 concept art created

Mint first collection of Cannabis Critters on WAX in denominations of 1 Gram, 1/8th Ounce, Half Ounce, and Full Ounce

Social media: Twitter: @Cannacritters

Community building

Social media giveaways and raffles

List on atomic hub

Partner with Weedcash Network

Mint v1 Cannabis Critters on HIVE

List on Weedcash NFT Marketplace

420 giveaway & Official launch on the Weedcash Network

Phase 2

Version 2 Art in commission

 Cannabis Critters gets all new artwork

Release sneak peak of V2 Art

Mint v2 Cannabis Critters with all new art

Burn remainder of unsold v1 Cannabis Critters

Mint special effects Cannabis Critters w/ extra perks

Allow 1 to 1 trade of V1 Cannabis Critters to V2

Bring Cannabis Critters to Polygon

List Cannabis Critters on Opensea

Cannabis Critters "Virtual Dealer" competition

More giveaways and raffles!

Phase 3

Atomichub whitelisting

List on Neftyblocks marketplace

Neftyblocks whitelisting

Opensea whitelisting

Extend our network of real world cannabis vendors and partners

Bring Cannabis Critters out of Michigan and into other states

Implementation of game mechanics


Even more giveaways and raffles!

Phase 4

V3 art in commision

Release sneek peak of V3 art

Burn unsold v2 Cannabis Critters

Mint v3 Cannabis Critters with all new art from a new artist

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