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What are Cannabis Critters?

Cannabis Critters are NFTs that are backed by real world assets (Cannabis) and can be burned/traded for real world cannabis in the amount that they represent as per the "Weight" attribute assigned to the NFT. All of this is in accordance with local law. Our cannabis is donated from local caregivers in Michigan. You must only be present in Michigan to claim your real world assets you DO NOT need to be a resident of Michigan. This allows anyone from around the world to purchase and collect these NFTs and gain exposure to real world marijuana markets regardless of where you live.

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Why Cannabis Critters?

If you want to gain exposure to the cannabis industry or if your looking to get into NFTs and own and trade some of your own then Cannabis Critters are perfect for you! When you purchase a Cannabis Critter you will receive a NFT which is a one of a kind piece of digital art that can be transferred or sold or traded at anytime with anyone. These NFTs can also be exchanged at any time for the real world assets that they represent.

Purchase Cannabis Critters on Opensea, Atomichub, or the Weedcash Marketplace and start building your collection now! (Marketplace)

"Burn" your NFT.

Your NFT will be burned by sending it to a null address. Upon burning the NFT you will receive the real life assets that it represents. (Click for more info)

Trade your Cannabis Critters on the marketplace or hold and build your collection while simultaneously gaining exposure to the marijuana industry. (Marketplace)

Invest in the cannabis industry by collecting Cannabis Critters that represent value in real world marijuana markets


Local growers help raise money for local artists by donating marijuana that is legally grown in accordance with state laws


The cannabis that has been donated is safely stored in compliance with local laws


NFTs will be minted that feature art from a local artist. These NFTs represent ownership in the asset and amount that is specified on the NFT


Cannabis Critters are NFTs and as such they can be bought and sold and traded on the marketplace

Anyone who owns a Cannabis Critter NFT may choose to receive a donation of real life marijuana representing the amount specified on the card. This action will destroy the card/NFT.

Get started by visiting the.png
Or the smaller.png
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If you need help setting up a wallet or using the marketplace or if you have any questions please visit the tutorial page below

Are Now On...

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Head over to OpenSea now and check out the Cannabis Critters family!

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Likewise, check out the Cannabis Critters Roster page for links to all the different blockchains that Cannabis Critters supports by clicking the button below

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There is a lot in store for the future of Cannabis Critters including some big partnerships and gamification! So stay tuned!

You can reach us in the following ways:


Twitter: @Cannacritters

Or clicking the chat bubble on this website

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(This is what the chat bubble looks like)

If you need help with anything you can click the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of this page and we will message you back as soon as possible.

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